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The Challenge of Chest Pain

Chest pain is a top cause of US ED visits. Eight to ten million patients with chest pain present to an ED annually in the United States. Emergency providers care for patients with chest pain on virtually every shift. More than half of Emergency Department patients with chest pain receive lengthy cardiac evaluations in an chest pain unit or inpatient ward, with an annual cost $10-13 billion.

Less than ten percent of patients have an acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Two to five percent of patients with myocardial infarctions are inappropriately discharged from the ED every year. Missed ACS is a top cause of malpractice claims.

What is the
HEART Pathway?

The HEART Pathway is designed for more accurate risk stratification, identifying patients unlikely to benefit from hospitalization or stress testing/cardiac imaging who can safely be discharged home from the ED. This allows hospitals to focus advanced care and diagnostic tests on the patients most likely to benefit.

Studies have demonstrated the benefits of the HEART Pathway compared to usual care. The HEART Pathway randomized control trial (Mahler et al, Circ CVQO J, 2015.)

Our new app provides emergency care providers with a mobile point-of-care HEART Pathway implementation that can be rapidly used at the bedside to accurately risk-stratify patients with acute chest pain. Unlinke other HEART score calculators available online, our tool uses an evidence-based algorithm derived from the latest peer-reviewed research.

The HEART Pathway assists with answer two important questions: "What is the likelihood that my patient’s presenting symptoms represent ACS?" and "what is the likelihood that my patient will have an ACS event in the near future (within 30 days)?"

Innovative Solutions

EMR Integration and Custom Risk Calculators

The HEART Pathways App can be customized to communicate with your electronic medical record using patent pending technology. Decision Point Informatics can also create custom apps for your institution.

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Team 1

Simon Mahler, MD

Lead Scientist,
EM Physician

Simon Mahler, MD, MS is an Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Research in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. He is the principal investigator of research validating the HEART Pathway and is recognized as leader in the development of innovative methods to improve care delivery for patients with acute chest pain.

Team 2

Iltifat Husain, MD

Mobile Technology Expert,
EM Physician

Iltifat Husain is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. He is recognized internationally as an expert in mobile medical technology. He has spoken at the Brookings Institute and has been interviewed by the New York Times, Washington Post, and other national news agencies on mobile technology.

Team 3

Scott Gilmore, MD

Lead Designer,
EM Resident

Scott Gilmore is a resident physician at Christiana Care in Newark, Delaware. He has a bachelors degree in physics from Princeton University, and he is enthusiastic in lending his quantitative background to medical informatics.

Team 3

Vinay Tannan, PhD

Business Strategist,
Innovation Expert

Vinay Tannan is currently Director of Licensing at Wake Forest Innovations. His background spans medical software and instrumentation, B2B enterprise level sales, strategic partnering and intellectual property law.

Advisory Board

Team 1

Michelle Lin, MD

EM Physician

Michelle Lin, MD is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) San Francisco General Hosptial (SFGH). She practices emergency medicine at SFGH with an academic niche in technology and how it can transform the landscape of medical education. Michelle is the Editor-in-Chief of Academic Life in Emergency Medicine.

Team 2

Salim Rezaie, MD

EM Physician

Salim Rezaie, MD is currently working at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) as one of the Assistant Program Directors of Emergency Medicine. He is also the founder and creator of REBEL EM and REBELCast, a medical education blog, and podcast respectively.

Team 1

Gourang Mehta

Digital Services Expert

Gourang Mehta is president of g-Innovations, a digital services organization focused on helping businesses with their digital transformations and digital marketing efforts. His experience spans the fields of enterprise web architecture, data analysis, corporate strategy, and business development.

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